Georgios Grigoriou​

Clinical Director and Senior MSK Physiotherapist

Georgios graduated as a Physiotherapist in 2011 and since then he has gained clinical experience in both inpatient and outpatient departments, collaborating with Senior Orthopaedic Surgeons, Physiotherapists and other Allied Healthcare Professionals.

He completed his Master’s at University College London in 2019; his experience at Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital improved his knowledge in the understanding of the science underpinning a physical therapy approach to the treatment of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction, and gained experience in clinical application of Specialist Rehabilitation Techniques with Consultant Physiotherapists and Orthopaedic Surgeons.


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Charlie Curtis

I received 5 months of treatment from George Grigoriou for rotator cuff and wrist injuries. George is a fantastic therapist and really showed an interest in helping with my recovery. The treatment and exercises he offered has fixed all of the pain I had previously and I am back to full fitness. He is flexible and responsive and I would highly recommend seeing him.

Sam Ritter

My experience with George has transformed my ability to combat chronic muscle and joint pain that has troubled me for about 6 years. Over the last 10 months I’ve seen him for a variety of pain issues. George helped me to reduce pain and increase ability in those specific areas, and also helped me to understand how I could do the same for other issues that crop up. George went above and beyond to help me develop a workout routine that both heals specific problem areas, prevents later injuries, and keeps me generally fit. I’ve seen other physiotherapists in the past and had very little success, so I highly recommend George.

Christina Papadopoulos

The attention and treatment received from George has been brilliant. I presented with an impinged shoulder and associated headaches which were debilitating. I have had weekly appointments for the past couple of months and have had fantastic results as well as having been assigned exercises to perform at home and at the office. George is personable, professional and I highly recommend him!

Kris Maher

Fantastic service, George is very friendly, helpful and informative. I fully understood my injuries and what i needed to do to overcome them. I have had 3 separate injures that have all been dealt with and cleared up, George has also set me a plan to strengthen those areas so i do not have a recurrence.

Varun Gujjanudu

George was amazing. Very thorough, asked all the right questions, and was able to quickly and accurately diagnose my back issues and posterior chain weaknesses. His exercises were challenging and effective. Would definitely recommend.

Roberto Cosenza

George understood what my problem was in the first visit. Thank you very much!

Lee Watson

I had physio with George after injuring my knee. He was very knowledgeable and filled me with confidence that I could get up and moving again. We worked for several weeks with some gradual changes in exercises. Do as he says and you will be recovered in no time! If you have knee trouble, George is your man!

David Lutz

George identified my injury and provided effective treatment in a timely manner. I'm very happy with the treatment, the facilities, and the ease of booking my appointments.

B Walker

I had a great experience with George — in our first session, he quickly and expertly diagnosed the shoulder pain which I had been struggling with for the last two months. He also gave me a sports massage to ease some of the stiffness and ran through some exercises which have already begun to make a difference just a few days later! I highly recommend George as a physiotherapist.

Richard Thomson

George was amazing, got my knee back fighting fit again! Would thoroughly recommend if you need some physio.

Shellfire Grayson

I was treated by George Grigoriou for both my hip and knee, which were painful and stiff. I have made a full recovery. I was impressed with George's approach — unlike other physios, he concentrated on the broader biomechanics of my joints and gave me strengthening exercises to ensure that I not only became pain free, but should remain pain-free into the future.

Vincent Lalaurette

Georgious was very helpful with my injury and suggested relevant exercises. Professional service and very efficient!

Alichia Pretorius

I've been a patient of George Grigoriou and the treatment I've received has been excellent. I developed two consecutive injuries (shoulder & knee) and George took great care to understand my problems, he was holistic and comprehensive in his approach (combining massage, exercise and acupuncture) and personally very supportive and with what I'd describe as a highly experienced and no-nonsense approach, I always leave an appointment with a very clear understanding of the underlying causes to my issue, the mechanics behind it and structured plan focused on a fast recovery. Would highly recommend George.

Emilly Da Silva

Really good service. George has been super helpful keeping me up with the right exercises needed after my knee surgery. would definitely recommend. He's attentive and doesn't rush you during appointments.

Yan Wu

George was very helpful and explained the my problem very clearly. I recovered after 5 sessions, and feel confident back to sport again.

Emma Wright

George has been incredibly helpful in my recovery from a knee sprain, sustained while surfing. He quickly identified the problem and provided excellent advice, as well as clear exercises and follow up via email. He is very calm, kind and professional- and a whizz at knees!

Duncan Elliot

I have been seeing George for just over two months and he has had a big impact in treating my sports related back injury. Thank you George!

Biljana Nikolic

Georgios was very professional, thorough and very focused on identifying the cause of my painful arm. He explained everything very clearly, gave very good advice and really helpful exercises. I would highly recommend him!

Tom Cookson

George Grigoriou is a brilliant physio — he has greatly improved my back problems and explained everything very clearly.

Ignacio Monereo

Great physio! I had a small but painful injury in my left ankle and after 2 weeks without healing, went for a physio. I was attended by George, and he was perfect, my ankle healed quickly and efficiently afterwards. Definitely he is an expert in ankles&feet problems. I will come back.

Lena Brgr

George has been helping me sort out my neck and shoulder issues I've been experiencing since starting my desk job. He has advised me on exercises and helped loosen the muscles when I wasn't able to even turn my head. He has been very professional and helpful identifying the cause — I can only recommend him!

"He who has a healthy body, a resourceful mind, and a docile nature"

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