Desk Assessments

Workstation Assessment or Display Screen Equipment (DSE) is recommended for anyone who feels that their workstation set up may be contributing to pain anddiscomfort.

A desk assessment is the best way to identify improvements that can be made to the workstation and the individual’s working patterns. With the Workstation Assessment you can:

• reduce pain and discomfort 
• improve safety and comfort 
• improve productivity and performance
• reduce accidents
• prevent future sickness absence.

Well Physio offers a comprehensive desk assessment service to individuals and organisations. All desk assessments are carried out by Chartered Physiotherapists, registered members of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Occupational Health and Ergonomics (ACPOHE) who have demonstrated specialist competency in the fields of occupational health and ergonomics.

Appointments are offered within 5 working days, and can be booked for individuals or groups. 

Discounts are available for groups of 5 or more employees assessed on the same day and location.